‘Believe Over Hope’ Collaborates with Aftown

Since our inception in 2017, we have been looking out for a music streaming service that offers more than just a platform to upload music. We sought for a music streaming service that went the extra mile to connect with music artists on a more personal level, taking time to understand why they do music and the aspirations they have. One that looks beyond just monetising our music to creating a space of expression in a manner that redefines the culture of music in Africa. Our focus in this search led us to discovering aftown music.

To us, Believe Over Hope, Aftown is a family of innovators that are changing the face of music for Africa. With Aftown, we quickly learned to drop the cliché of labelling music as just ‘African Music’ – embracing their mantra of “Music Made by Africans for the World”, projecting the unique roles of every music contributor; the songwriter, producer, session artist, vocalist. In Aftown, an African can create good and positive music with a diverse, forwarding-looking and culture-redefining signature. This is why we at ‘Believe Over Hope’, have kicked off an exciting journey working with Aftown Music.

In Aftown, the future of Music made by Africa is unlimited and ready for a global stage in a different way.

Believe Over Hope

The Heartbeat of Jesus

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