Believe Over Hope is a contemporary Christian band that seeks to proclaim Jesus to the World through Godly Worship and Education. The band, which originates from Ghana, composes the songs for its own performances and also to enrich the body of Christ. The theme of the band’s music focuses on James 5:20, exploring the Grace of Salvation, giving our lives to Jesus Christ our Lord and being made free to serve Him with all our heart. BOH Music expresses the appreciation and gratefulness to God for being saved and restored to God. It also iterates the call to be witnesses across the earth, seeking to point all to Jesus Christ for the Holy Spirit to restore them to the Almighty Father.

The latest album of the band is All About You (a Lofi Chill-hop Jazz album, 2021), Dark Valentine (a Contemporary Pop EDM Album, 2021), Hello Sheena (a Contemporary Pop album, 2020). Other albums of the band include Be the Best You Can Ever Be (an Instrumental album, 2020), Welcome Home (an Instrumental album, 2019), Who Am I (Worship album, 2018) and James 5:20 (maiden album, 2018). The band has five other singles and an EP . Leading singles of the band include Rain of Peace (2021), Let My Worship Rise (2021), Victory At Last (2021), Deeper in Love (2021), and Hope is Not Lost (2021).

The band’s worship leader and director is Dr. Sheena Lovia Boateng and its music is executive produced by Prof. Richard Boateng. The music style is influenced by Contemporary Pop, EDM and RnB. The band’s music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, and other leading online streaming services.

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Website: www.believeoverhope.org