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Our music journey catalogues Intimacy (a Contemporary Pop EDM Album, 2021), All About You (a Lofi Chill-hop Jazz EP, 2021), Dark Valentine (a Contemporary Pop EDM Album, 2021), Hello Sheena (a Contemporary Pop album, 2020). Other albums of the band include Be the Best You Can Ever Be (an Instrumental album, 2020), Welcome Home (an Instrumental album, 2019), Who Am I (Worship album, 2018), Letter from Heaven (a Contemporary Pop EP,2018), and James 5:20 (maiden album, 2018). The band has ten other singles. Leading singles of the band include Rain of Peace (2021), Let My Worship Rise (2021), Victory at Last (2021), Deeper in Love (2021), and Hope is Not Lost (2021).

Intimacy – 2021

The latest album, also the seventh album, of the band is Intimacy (a Contemporary Pop EDM Album, 2021), is a celebration of the couple’s love for each other and love for God. From the depths of prayer, each song has been written to celebrate this journey of intimacy with the Holy Spirit and for each other. These songs will bring every listener and fan of Believe Over Hope closer to Jesus and to the loved ones in their life. It would also bring healing to anyone searching for true intimacy with Jesus and in their lives.

Dark Valentine – 2021

Dark Valentine is a romantic EDM track that is good for anyone missing a loved one, longing to be seen by a secret love or sharing true love. The title track is accompanied by six other pop and EDM instrumentals, making up the album.
Dark Valentine is a modern EDM track. An excellent female vocal and massive production give the listener no choice but to get involved. This song provides so many beautiful emotions, and the most important thing is that it can be enjoyable for any person under any age. The instrumentation consists of a singer (female voice), different synthesizers played very well with some lovely and delicate arpeggios, piano, synth bass, percussion/drums rack set, and different filters sound effects. The style of music it`s a combination between Pop and Trap.
In particular, the half-beat drop during the chorus section is a stroke of genius. Dark Valentine is a must for any music collection. This song explores the love between God and mankind. God is our Dark Valentine, He is very real and open to us, but some do not see it unless they get close or seek Him to find Him.
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Dark Valentine – Remix

2021 Singles – Knocking, Letter from Heaven and Never Been Up To You

Never Been Up To You – Remix
Letter from Heaven – Remix 2021

Hello Sheena – 2020

Contemporary Pop Album – Love Album, there are few romantic love albums produced by Christian artists to celebrate love in relationships. This album focuses on that, be exploring the love a husband shares with the wife during her birthday. Songs were written and produced by Prof. Richard Boateng to celebrate Dr. Sheena Lovia Boateng on her birthday. Get Album at Apple Music

Hello Sheena

Be the Best You Can Ever Be – 2020

A single from the upcoming album, Reach the World. The single is also based on a book by Believe Over Hope. Get the Book at Amazon – Be the Best You Can Ever Be, I Have A High View of You. GET ALBUM AT APPLE MUSIC

Be the Best You Can Ever Be

Be the Best You Can Ever Be 2020

An instrumental album based on songs from the upcoming album, Reach the World. The single is also based on a book by Believe Over Hope. Get the Book at Amazon – Be the Best You Can Ever Be, I Have A High View of You. GET ALBUM AT APPLE MUSIC

Blessed Assurance

Welcome Home – 2019

Our instrumental mix album, Welcome Home, features songs about life in Heaven. When you arrive in Heaven, what will be the first songs that will be used to welcome you? This album captures the honour, glory and emotion of the grace Jesus Christ has made possible for us through his honourable death on the cross. Welcome Home. GET ALBUM AT APPLE MUSIC

Welcome Home

Who Am I -2018

In this album, we ascribe all honour and glory to God for being our Great Father; The Almighty One who loves each of us unconditionally. Who Are We to be loved and cared for by Jesus!!! It is just by Grace!!!

The album features 13 tracks – consisting of 11 new songs and 2 instrumentals. The album has diverse musical influences, namely contemporary pop, EDM, classical orchestra, and Latin music. Almost all the tracks were produced and mixed by Rigz Productions, Canada and the one track, Never Been Up to You was produced by Zone Naxis, New Mexico, USA. The vocals on the song was done and arranged by Sheena Lovia and the album was Executive Produced by Richard Boateng. The album demonstrates a step in maturity regarding spirituality, lyrics, vocals and music production. We trust you will enjoy this wonderful piece of work, which we have done to the glory of God.


Who Am I

Letter from Heaven Remix -2018

The energetic burst of sincerity & faith in Believe Over Hope’s brand-new EDM remix of their single “Letter From Heaven”. An adventurous mix of bright electro rhythms and grooves that’s as captivating as it is compelling to listen to, “Letter From Heaven” is an enthusiastic reminder of the universal truth we all share – that Jesus Christ is truly God’s eternal love letter & gift to the world.  


Letter from Heave Remix

Letter from Heaven -2018

Letter from Heaven is an extended play record which features three singles from our upcoming second studio album, namely Letter from Heaven, Knocking and Shidaa. The songs, Letter from Heaven and Knocking, focus on the call to give our lives to Jesus Christ in recognition of the fact THERE IS NO LIFE WITHOUT JESUS and Jesus is the only way to the Lord God Almighty our Father. Jesus is God’s Eternal Love Letter to the World and He stands Knocking at the door of our hearts. This is the time to receive Him and make Him our Lord and Personal Saviour.


Letter from Heaven

James 5:20 -2018

James 5:20 focuses on the theme of the Grace of Salvation, giving our lives to Jesus Christ our Lord and being made free to serve Him with all our heart. We express our thanks for being saved and restored to God. We praise Jesus Christ and say only Him is worthy. James 5:20 also iterates the call to be witnesses across the earth, seeking to point all to Jesus Christ for the Holy Spirit to restore them to the Almighty Father.

We believe this theme is urgent and it is the beginning of true worship, worshiping in Spirit and in Truth.


Favour is More

Where is He -2017

The first published song of Believe Over Hope, celebrating the birth of Jesus. This is was the first music published by the Band. A memorable event which led to many other songs or albums thereafter.


Where is He