Women in Tertiary Education Research Seminar

An Open Monthly Research Seminar for Women In Tertiary Education


Date: 23rd February 2018
Venue: Yiri Lodge, UG Campus  Time: 8.30am – 11.30am

This seminar is ideal for women undertaking undergraduate or graduate research (MBA, MPhil and PhD) in business, social science, education, and information technology. We are giving 10 women an opportunity to present their research-in-progress and receive objective feedback to aid them in completing the research. You will be required to upload the research-in-progress document detailing an overview of your research and the key areas in which you need feedback. Presenters will get an opportunity to present their research work and interact with experienced researchers on how to improve the work. You also attend to learn from others and network. This monthly event is organized by the Women In Tertiary Education Network, under the auspices of the PearlRichards Foundation.

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Digital Strategy Consulting

empowering companies and customers to get the best value from digital technologies and services

Technology and Development Research

exploring new frontiers in leveraging technology for socio-economic development

Business Startup Incubator

business advisory services and leadership training for startups and small businesses

Multidisciplinary Research Lab

mentoring space for marketing and digital technologies research students