Research Activities of PearlRichards Team and Collaborators

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Our Core Research Themes

We have two primary research themes: Business Relationships and Informatics – the study of relationship building, Internet and knowledge management in the context of business organisations; and Development Informatics – a focus on the interplay between the diffusion, transfer and impact of information systems on resource-poor contexts. These components embrace topics including Relationship Marketing (Business-to-customers), Electronic Governance (e-governance); Electronic business (and e-commerce); Mobile Commerce; E-learning; Organisational learning and Web 2.0; Mobiles for Development; Technology-led Entrepreneurship and ICT for Development (gender empowerment, Internet, mobiles, video games and free and open-source software).

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African Text Project

The African Text Project focuses on empowering African authors and academics to develop educational materials useful for teaching and learning in African institutions. We are interested in Africans who want to communicate their ideas and research through books. Our core focus is academic texts, but we welcome other genres including self-help books, recipes books, biographies and fiction.

Our Research

Our research, training and consulting experience explores new and emerging frontiers in technology, business and society. This focus embraces a number of themes including ICT for development, electronic business, business innovation, gender and development, consumer behaviour and relationship marketing and business strategy development. We are open to new areas and are keen to work with you on your new project.