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WITE Research Seminar - 23rd February 2018 | 8.30am - 11.30am

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Videos in learning in higher education: assessing perceptions and attitudes of students

Video is one of the most diversified and distinct virtual learning mediums that capture and present information and offer a sensory learning environment, which enables learners to understand more and retain information better. This study sought to assess the perceptions and attitudes of students at the University of Ghana towards the use of videos as a medium for teaching and learning.

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Digital Strategy Consulting

empowering companies and customers to get the best value from digital technologies and services

Technology and Development Research

exploring new frontiers in leveraging technology for socio-economic development

Business Startup Incubator

business advisory services and leadership training for startups and small businesses

Multidisciplinary Research Lab

mentoring space for marketing and digital technologies research students

Our Research

Our research, training and consulting experience explores new and emerging frontiers in technology, business and society. This focus embraces a number of themes including ICT for development, electronic business, business innovation, gender and development, consumer behaviour and relationship marketing and business strategy development. We are open to new areas and are keen to work with you on your new project.

  • Digital Strategy 80%
  • ICT for Development 90%
  • Social Media and Emerging Technologies 50%
  • Consumer Behaviour and Relationship Marketing 60%
  • Electronic Learning 60%
Ghana Graduates Conference

Ghana Graduates Conference

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Online Relationships and Loyalty

Online Relationships and Loyalty

Developing relationships with customers online

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Electronic Learning

Electronic Learning

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