Student Code of Conduct

The most important goal of the Believers’ Worship School is to proclaim Jesus to the world by facilitating the growth and development of Christian Worship leaders in line with biblical principles. The School also seeks to build a safe and healthy community that supports and fosters the advancement of the work of God and the task of His church. Students of the Believers’ Worship School are therefore expected to conduct themselves in a manner that brings glory to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; both inside and outside of school settings. They are expected to conduct themselves in a way that is consistent with the moral, ethical and behavioural standards that are expected of Christian leaders and ministers, and the churches to which they are affiliated or in which they are ministering.

Hence each student is expected to:

  • Adopt Christ-like attitudes and behaviours including humility, forgiveness, generosity, love, confidentiality, peacemaking, positivity and encouragement that promote the unity and health of the student body.
  • Show respect and consideration for other members of the student body and their property.
  • Show respect for staff and faculty and co-operate with the aims and endeavours of the Believe Over Hope Ministry. This includes not engaging in advocacy for positions or causes contrary to those held by the ministry.
  • Be punctual in attendance and participate in all prescribed classes, interactive sessions and activities required by the School program unless formally excused.
  • Be neat, clean and modestly dressed.
  • Abstain from biblically immoral practices including: drunkenness, illicit drug use, criminal behaviour, stealing, slanderous or profane language, dishonesty, occult practices, sexual sins or any other behaviour that is considered detrimental or contrary to Christian character and witness.

Any behaviour that contravenes the Student Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action; including suspension and/or immediate termination of enrolment. A student will subsequently need to provide verifiable evidence of meeting the requirements of the Code of Conduct for a reasonable period in order to achieve re-enrolment.