BOH Internet Radio

Proclaiming Jesus Christ through Worship

BOH Internet Radio

BOH Internet Radio is an unlimited 24 hour radio channel established to keep believers in tune with the Holy Spirit through Godly Worship. It seeks to immerse the believer into a constant atmosphere of worship. It is non-profit internet radio station.

Getting Your Music on BOH Internet Radio

BOH Internet Radio welcomes submissions of gospel music from believers who seek to proclaim Jesus Christ. Submissions are welcome from across the world – Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Europe and Oceania. All submissions should be the original recording of the person submitting and he/she should have the rights to share or play the recording.

Coverage of Worship Events

By invitation, BOH Internet Radio can cover your worship events or stream them live online.

Submitting Recordings

It is a non-profit internet radio station, hence no fee is charged for playing your recording. To submit, you may contact us through email: radio @

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