Believers’ Worship School seeks to train believers to proclaim Jesus to the World through Godly Worship.

  • We collaborate with the Holy Spirit to train worshipers.
  • We collaborate with the Holy Spirit to produce godly music which leads the world to Jesus Christ.
  • We collaborate with the Holy Spirit to create atmospheres of worship for people to worship Jesus Christ through Houses of worship; Worship Services; Worship Radio and TV.
  • We support others in creating atmospheres of worship for people to worship Jesus Christ.

The courses within the Believers’ Worship School are designed to build a well-rounded worshiper, by helping participants to learn and grow as worshipers and become stronger Christians. Graduates from the school will be equipped with the skills they need for real life worship ministry, to make an impact at their churches and help move the work of God forward. There are three main levels at which participants can enroll in the school: Level 1 – FBWS; Level 2 – IBWS; Level 3 – ABWS. Lessons at each level are interspersed with practical interactive sessions, where each student gets to turn their classroom learning into real ministry skill through hands-on experience in worship. At the end of each level, participants will receive a graduation packet consisting of a certificate, a recorded performance and some souvenirs from the Believe Over Hope ministry.


Courses Offered

Level 1 – Foundational Believers’ Worship School (FBWS)

The Foundational Believers’ Worship School lays a foundation for the worship lifestyle. It introduces the concept of worshiping God, what it entails to be a worshiper and to be part of a worship team, as well as understanding worship and the supernatural.

Level 2 – Intermediate Believers’ Worship School (IBWS)

The Intermediate Believers’ Worship School concentrates on building the worshiper by emphasizing the role and characteristics of the worshiper, as well as the various facets of the worship ministry and how they come together as one whole.

Level 3 – Advanced Believers’ Worship School (ABWS)

The Advanced Believers’ Worship School is targeted at imbuing worshipers with more advanced skills in areas including song composition and recording, preparation for crusades and outreach events, in addition to managing choirs and working with church leadership.